10 Statistics On Food Imports That Give A Hint Of How Much Junk Food Nepalis Consume

By: Rajiv Prajapati  | | 2 mins Jul 21, 2021

It’s a sad truth, but Nepalis are growing more and more fond of junk food with each day. For many of us, going a few days without having greasy and unhealthy junk food brings about the most deadly cravings. Many of us experienced it firsthand during these coronavirus lockdowns.


Which only gives rise to the question — how much junk food do Nepalis actually consume? Using data from the Department of Customs, we can check out the yearly imports of our country in some reasonable detail.


It can give us a hint of how hante Nepalis actually are for junk food. Let’s check it out. 


1. Kurkure, Kurmure, Lays, Cheeseballs



Lays and Kurkure are the first things that come to mind when Nepalis think of junk food. So, let’s start with that. In the 11 months of the last fiscal year (2077/78), Nepal imported a whopping 1.3 million kg of Kurkure and similar products.


2. Biscuits



Biscuits are an essential fast food item that we regularly enjoy with our morning cup of tea. It’s not exactly put in the same row as other junk food items, but junk food it is. Well, the Department of Customs divides biscuits in a few different categories.


Of that, we import 9.57 million kg of sweet biscuits. If you look at plain biscuits, that’s an additional 26 thousand kg


3. Cheese



Cheese! Besides ketchup, it is the reigning ingredient that goes into fast food. And we imported 57.7 thousand kilos of the processed stuff last year. That’s a lot of cheese!


And that’s not even counting the exotic blue cheese. For the select few with a distinct taste, we imported 110 kg of blue cheese. The Department of Customs valued those 110 kilos of blue-veined cheese at 2 lakh 72 thousand rupees. 


4. Cakes, Cookies, And Pastries



We have a thriving local industry of cakes and pastries here. But, it seems, we do tend to import a lot of them as well. About 360 thousand kilos worth of them.


5. Dalmot, Papad, Bhujiya



The traditional Nepali junk food isn’t actually Kurkure and Lays. In fact, it is dalmoth, papad, and bhujiya. The Department of Customs statistics document lists these under the heading of “Dalmot, papad, Salted Bhujia and Chamena (tit bits)”. 


We imported 3.1 million kg of these classic chamena snacks last year. 


6. Soft Drinks



We Nepalis also love our soft drinks. It’s one of the default choices when you enter a cafe. And we imported 123 million rupees worth of soft drinks in this last fiscal year. We suspect this number would have been even greater were it not for the range of knock-off products that are found in the Nepali soft drinks market.


7. Sugar Confectionary



Put any kind of sweets and toffees that do not contain actual cocoa — treats such as Mango Bite and Hajmola. The “Sugar Confectionary” category records a whopping 3.5 million kg in imports, a quantity that has been valued by the Customs Department at 714 million rupees. 


8. Waffles And Wafers



Add to the above the category of waffles and wafers, Nepalis consumed an additional 1.35 million kg of imported sweets — mostly wafer sweets. 


9. Pachak, Rochak & Similar Goods



And after that comes the sour treats like Pachak and Rochak. It seems we have a particular affinity for those treats, because we spent 123 million rupees to bring in 383 thousand kg of sour treats to our country.


10. Ice Cream



Nothing beats a gloomy day quite like a scoop of your favorite brand of ice cream. So, this past fiscal year, we imported 314 thousand kg of ice cream to satisfy our summer sweet tooth.


Well, these are some numbers that hint at how much junk food Nepalis consume every year. Did this article give you a new perspective on our fooding habits? Follow us and let us know in the comments. 


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