15 Interesting Maps That Will Give You A Different Perspective Of The World

By: Saisha Dixit  | | 5 mins Jul 4, 2021

There are some things that are difficult to comprehend until you see them visualized, and that’s where maps come in. Viewing data via maps is fascinating since it really helps to understand the information, as opposed to just reading a list. And redditors over at r/mapporn often share insightful maps that really put things into perspective.


So here are 15 maps we picked from r/mapporn that will give you a different perspective of the world.


1. The real sizes of countries


Credit: u/avervaryarso


2. The surface of Mars if 71% of its surface area was covered with water like Earth.


Credit: u/crukey


3. World’s 25 largest lakes side by side


Credit: u/TWWILD_


4. Countries in Asia that recognize same-sex marriage on a national level


Credit: u/Eclipsed830


5. Countries mentioned or referred to in the Bible



6. All the nations that have to be combined to be equal to Brazil's annual homicide rate


Credit: u/Arnmaran


7. Where penguins are found naturally in the world


Credit: u/cheeseface35


8. Each section has 10% of the world's population


Credit: u/AppleBiryani


9. How the Earth will look with the current international borders in 250 million years


Credit: u/Coffete


10. A map of the world but it’s just the time zones.


Credit: u/boldvinaxc


11. Legality of cannabis around the world as of July 1, 2021 


Credit: u/tennytits


12. The roundest countries.


Credit: u/AppleBiryani


13. Half the population of Australia represented in red


Credit: u/HellsJuggernaut


14. Places around the world named Victoria


Credit: u/ButtholeQuiver


15. Finally, here's one for you LoTR fans


Credit: u/tildenpark


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