How Long Should An Intercourse Last? Here's What A Doctor Has To Say!

By: Nischal Niraula  | Feb 7, 2021


Here’s a question that pops into our heads every once in a while. How long is sex supposed to last? Your guffaddi friend says they last for 45 minutes, porn says 1.5 hours. But what do the experts have to say?


Well, an obstetrician-gynecologist Tiktoker Alirodmd is here with answers. After coming across the frequently asked question regarding the apt duration for sex, she recently posted this video.



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According to her, the average intercourse varies from couple to couple and depends on how you define sex – does it include foreplay? Or is it just penis – vaginal sex?


Well, if you exclude the romantic foreplay, according to the doctor, a 2005 study concluded that an average intercourse lasted for 5.4 minutes.




That’s almost the length of the song Patience by Guns N’ Roses. But sadly, the duration of a GnR song isn’t enough to satisfy your lover.



The doctor goes on to share more statistics in the video, informing that the desirable intercourse duration for women is generally somewhere between 7 - 15 minutes. Looks like GnR isn’t going to cut it, we need to change our strategy and bring out the big guns — Iron Maiden.



You should be able to reach the desired duration as you boink till the end of Iron Maiden’s Hallowed By Thy Name.


Well, now that you know the secrets, the statistics and the songs, get out there and please your lover. 


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