What Would Friends Be Like If It Were Set In Nepal? Here's How We Imagine It

By: Saisha Dixit  | | 5 mins Mon, May 17, 2021 4:13 PM

We all know Friends, the iconic sitcom following six friends as they live their lives in New York City. Friends’ impact on pop culture is undeniable and it is true that this series has an inherent charm that cannot be replicated. But that being said, has anyone wondered how the show would play out if it was set in Nepal instead?


Well wonder no more, because here we’ve listed some ways we imagine Friends would change in if it were set in Kathmandu instead.


1. Ross's marital status


Ross's three divorces would have been a way bigger deal than it was in the show.




2. Joey's French lessons


Phoebe would be trying to unsuccessfully teach Joey Newari instead of French.




3. Joey's acting career


Joey would have unsuccessfully auditioned for a Rajesh Hamal movie at some point.



4. Phoebe's hidden talent


Phoebe would be that one friend who’s excellent at bargaining and getting everything at a discounted price. Monica tried to learn but just couldn’t get the hang of it.


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5. Monica's inevitable career path


There’s no way Monica’s parents would have let her become a chef. She’d probably be reluctantly studying nursing somewhere.




6. Phoebe's future


Phoebe would work as a beautician and would be that one parlor ko aunty who knows everyone’s business.




7. Chandler's trauma


Instead of Chandler’s trauma coming from his parents' divorce, his trauma would stem from the fact that his extremely dysfunctional parents absolutely refuse to get a divorce.




8. Rachel's 'career'


Rachel’s dad would be a senior doctor at Medicity Hospital and she would have 3 houses in Baluwatar. She would also probably be an Instagram influencer just for fun.




9. 'How you doin?'


Joey would be that one guy from college who has slipped into everyone’s DMs with a "How you doin?" at some point.




10. The drama would be multiplied


The dramatic moments would have taken way more episodes to get resolved. Ross and Rachel’s fight alone would have taken half a season. Don’t even get us started on how the ‘We were on a break’ joke would be even MORE overused.




11. The hangout spot


Everyone’s hangout spot would be either Himalayan Java or some off-brand chiya pasal instead of Central Perk. There's no in-between.


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12. What earlier seasons Monica would realistically be like


Monica would be that girl who would pester all her friends with a constant ‘guys euta keta khojde na malai




13. On their living situation


Most of them would be living with their parents (not Monica who lives in a hostel) instead of apartments. Chandler would be living with a joint family and could they BE driving him crazier?




14. Finally, this harsh truth


Ross would have been the typical son in every Nepali household who can do no wrong in his parents’ eyes. Monica would constantly have to hear ‘chori manche bhayera….’




What more changes can you think of? Tell us in the comments below. Like us on Facebook for more such content.


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