QUIZ: You've Seen Their Faces, But Do You Know Their Names?

Posted at: 2021-04-30  |   Nischal Niraula | 3 mins


Do you ever see a familiar face you’ve seen hundreds of times before but just can’t place a name on it? It’s pretty annoying, isn’t it? All you’re left to do is point your fingers at the screen and say, “I know this guy. I’ve seen him in a series with that other guy,” while your friend looks at you like you’ve lost it. Yes! We’ve all been there.


So, to keep that from happening again, here’s a quiz on the familiar faces we see so often but without knowing their names. Good luck! 


1. Can You Guess The Name Of This Viral Sensation?

Dilli Ram Khanal
Dhan Bahadur Thapa
Ayush Adhikary

2. What's The Name Of This Raseuli Haseuli?

Aanchal Sharma
Reshma Karki
Grisma Rai
Anupama Limbu

3. You Wouldn't Wanna Mess With This Badass

Rajendra Khadgi
Rajendra Mahato
Sunil Thapa
Shiv Shrestha

4. What's The Real Name Of This Magney Budha?

Keshav Adhikary
Nirmal Sharma
Jeetu Nepal
Kedar Ghimire

5. 'Sala Khatey'

Alish Basnet
Ayush Maharjan
Manish Chhetri
Anish Shakya

6. Name This Kurai Na Bujhney Uncle

Dilli Ram Khanal
Sandip Chhetri
Mukunda Ghimire
Bhagya Neupane

7. Come On! You Know Him!

Deepak Giri
Nima Rumba
Rudra Bhattarai
Nirmal Sharma

8. You've Probably Seen Him Get Arrested

Punya Gautam
Bhagya Neupane
Gokul Baskota
Bhushan Dahal

9. Finally, Can You Name This Life Damage Baba?

Sri Sri Sri Keenaram Baba
Maha Mrityunjaya Abdut Aghor Baba
Maha Siddha Aghori Baba
Sri Sri Sri Ravi Sankar Baba

10. You've Seen This Suave Gentleman In Baluwatar

Sudarshan Prasad Gauchan
Nirmal Purja
Nir Shah
Paras Shah


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