10 Fake Celebrity Quotes We’re All Tired Of Seeing Everywhere

By: Saisha Dixit  | | 4 mins Jul 10, 2021

Fake celebrity quotes; we’ve all seen them. If you think you haven’t, you probably have and just don’t know it.


Information or rather misinformation, is so easy to spread these days that people tend to believe anything without actual proof. Unless a celebrity actively speaks out to correct the misinformation being spread in their name, the fake celebrity quotes tend to spread like wildfire. This is, naturally, worse with dead celebrities since there’s not really anything that can be done there. From Instagram bios to actual research papers, fake celebrity quotes are everywhere.


So here are 10 fake celebrity quotes you’ve most likely seen on the internet.


1. There is no evidence of Lenon ever saying this.


In fact, he didn't even live with his mother when he was five.



2. This was said in the movie adaptation of The Great Gatsby. 


But the thing is, this quote was never in Fitzgerald's book. This is a movie original line. Although, it is a beautiful line and because of the fact that it fits so well in the movie, we'll give this one a pass.



3. This one is actually somewhat believable


While this line is kind of cool and fits with how Lincoln lived his life, there is no evidence of him actually saying this.



4. We don’t see this one circulating much anymore, but it was absolutely everywhere on Twitter a few years ago.


People used this quote as a reason to attack Bieber for the longest time until it was proved that the source for this quote is actually a photoshopped tweet.



5. This fake quote is inescapable


This one can be seen absolutely everywhere; even in actual professional settings. The Ultimate Quotable Einstein (a book published with Einstein’s most famous and actually real quotes) traced the quote to Rita Mae Brown's 1983 book Sudden Death, but there’s a chance it’s even older than that.



6. This one absolutely dominated Instagram, Pinterest, and Tumblr for a while.


But alas, it cannot be traced back to Hepburn since there’s no evidence of her ever saying this.



7. The real victim of fake quotes spread in her name


However despite all these fake quotes if there is one thing we can say with certainty, it’s that no one has been the victim of fake quotes spread in her name like Marilyn Monroe has. She never said this.



Or this.



Or this.



She didn't say this either. It seems like whenever someone wants to spread a 'girlboss' type quote around, they just slap Monroe's name on it and call it a day.



Did you actually believe any of these fake celebrity quotes? Which fake celebrity quote grinds your gears? Tell us in the comments. Make sure to follow us at Yeti Yap if you enjoyed this list.


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