17 Pictures That Prove We’ll Never Be As Cool As Nature

By: Saisha Dixit  | | 4 mins Jul 14, 2021

Every once in a while we’ve seen things that has made us go ‘damn, nature is cool’. Whether it's two spiders fighting or watching a bird make a nest, we all have witnessed the wonders of nature. And honestly, no matter how hard we try, we’re still never even a competition for just how cool nature is.


So here are 17 images that prove just how hardcore nature can be when it wants to.


1. This person touching North America and Europe at the same time


Credit: u/Khrime


2. This cool-looking Northern Blue Banded Bee.


Credit: u/Kelly240361


3. This absolutely jacked mountain lion.


Credit: u/De_fau_lt


4. This solemn picture of the moon rising over a hill engulfed in flames (taken during the California wildfires)


Credit: u/hominoid_in_NGC4594


5. This brave toad that's casually riding a snake


Credit: u/Xyeeyx


6. This photo of a charging rhino that activated all of our fight or flight response


Credit: u/Wridelbrimpf


7. This majestic cross fox that looks like a Disney villain 


Credit: u/keenfeed


8. This cute little hummingbird nest with a functioning roof


Credit: u/MistWeaver80


9. This dashing Harpy Eagle that's giving the side-eye


Credit: u/piefordays


10. Floofy Arctic Hares. That is all.


Credit: u/unnaturalorder


11. This bird nest that's hiding in plain sight


Credit: u/d3333p7


12.  Tusk of a woolly mammoth most likely killed by ancient hunters, Siberia.


Credit: u/lowchan_r


13. A 12 million-year-old praying mantis encased in amber



14. Lions getting soaked in the rain 


Credit: u/mtlgrems


15. Native crystalline copper extracted from Lake Michigan


Credit: u/leakytoquito


16. The same whale found after 35 years in the west coast of Mexico.


Credit: u/the-furry


17. Finally, this cute little baby lion who is NOT happy about his picture being taken


Credit: u/willbl


Hopefully, this was a reminder of just hardcore nature is. Drop your favorite photos of nature in the comments. Follow us on Facebook for more!


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