14 Of The Weirdest Things People Have Spotted On Google Earth

By: Bishesh Dhaubhadel  | | 2 Fri, Jun 11, 2021 5:38 PM

Google Earth is a tool that allows anyone, anywhere, to take images of their surroundings to help other people with navigation. With millions of people (and a few hundred automatic cars) taking pictures everywhere, it was inevitable that one of these pictures would have something unexpected..


Here are 14 of the weirdest things that people have found when surfing Google Earth!


The Pigeon People Of Japan

Faced with the opportunity to troll people on the internet, students never back out. That’s exactly what happened in this image taken on a sidewalk along Tamagawa-josui in Japan.



That’s definitely new nightmare material!


A CocaCola Landmark

It is evident that CocaCola knows its way around marketing with this landmark they built to celebrate the brand’s 100th anniversary.



Built with 70,000 empty coke bottles in the Chilean Desert, it truly is a sight to behold!


The Friendly Neighbourhood Spider-Man

When it comes to helping people and having fun, you don’t have to look any further than your friendly neighbourhood Spider-Man! If only he were real… or is he?



The webslinger might’ve come to respond to the pigeon people as this image too was taken in Japan. Might this be a possible teaser for a new villain? A seventh sinister?!


Prison Break

Looks like one of the inmates managed to get through the cameras in the prison but ended up being photographed by a multi-billion-dollar-company instead!



At least Google had the decency to blur his face.


The Cerne Abbas Giant

We haven’t got many words for this masterpiece found near a village in England.. Maybe the cavemen were into self portraits? It is evident that they weren’t the shy bunch!



Is that a weapon, or is he just happy to see us?


A Guitar Shaped Forest

This one actually has a really nice story behind it. The forest was planted by Pedro Martin Ureta in Argentina, in memory of his wife, with whom the art is inspired.



It’s truly something wonderful!


A Call To The Dark Lords

This park in Kazakhstan shows an eerie resemblance to a symbol used to worship Satan. Did the designers have a hidden ulterior motive?



Guess we’ll never know..


Nightmares From  Google Street View

Just when we thought that the pigeon people of Japan were gonna give us enough nightmares, Google Street View had to go and conjure up whatever this is!



We’d definitely stay away from this street at night!


A Message From The Son of God

In order to counter the landmark found in Kazakhstan calling to the dark lords, Jesus himself has come to the rescue. And where else would be appropriate to do so than a national park in the USA?




This image from Nagoro Village, Japan is possibly one of the strangest on this list. What is up with Japan and making people uncomfortable on Google Maps?! Someone should really go check if they’re okay.



Is this what we think it is?

Is it just us, or does this images look like something straight out of a murder scene in a movie?



When it first surfaced, that’s what the internet thought as well. But the Sherlocks on the internet were able to figure out that it was just a couple with their dog, who wet the dock after a swim.


Or is it..?


Figure out what’s wrong yet?

At first glance, this looks like a normal image. What’s so weird about this?



You might want to ask the passengers on the car stuck to the wall.


Iran’s Bloody Lake

This image has gotten its fair share of attention ever since it surfaced on the web in 2007. People were quick to make conspiracies like slaughterhouses dumping blood into the lake.



In the end, it was just a bunch of algae and bacteria. Kinda disappointing, to be honest.


Will You Marry Me?

We’ll be honest, this one isn’t as weird as it is cute.



We just had to include this because someone really thought proposing like this was a good idea.


What did you think of these weird images found on Google Earth? Tell us in the comments!

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