Don't Freak Out But We Can Accurately Guess Your Age Using Mathemagic!

By: Nischal Niraula  | | 1 Mins Jul 24, 2021


While it is odd to think, Math is actually a language. And if you are fluent enough at it, you can hear it hum secrets big and small — from mysteries of the universe to the number of watermelons purchased by Ram. If you just ask the right equations, you can even figure out the age of a total stranger. No, we’re not kidding.




Using this simple mathematical string, we can correctly guess not only your age but also your favorite number. Give it a try and let us know if it worked! 


First Step Is To Pick Your Favorite Number


Any number between 1 to 9 will do.



Now, Multiply The Number By 2






Add 5 To Your Answer


Got it?




Multiply The Result By 50


Go on! Use the calculator. No one’s judging you.


via GIPH 

Now, Here’s The Interesting Part


If you’ve had your birthday in the year 2021, add 1,771 to your answer. But if your birthday is yet to come, add 1,770.




Finally, Subtract The Year You Were Born From Your Answer


For instance, if you are born in 2000, you’d subtract 2000 from your previous answer.




Now, you are probably left with a 3 digits answer. The first digit is your favorite number you originally thought of. And, the last 2 digits are your age. Cool trick, right? Now, if you feel like challenging yourself, you can try to reverse-engineer this string and figure out how it works. Good luck! 




Meanwhile, let us know if we got your favorite number and age correct in the comments section, and make sure to follow Yeti Yap for more of such content.


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