8 Toxic Things All Nepali Parents Do

Posted at: 2021-05-04  |   Saisha Dixit | 3 mins


Whether it’s a product of the environment they grew up in or pure projection on their part, it’s hard to deny that Nepali parents can be very toxic at times. And as much as we all love our parents, chances are we’ve seen some toxic traits at least a few times in our households.


The strange thing is that Nepali parents share remarkably similar toxic traits. Do they have a Toxic Parents' Forum on Facebook, or something? Anyway, here's a call out to the typical Nepali toxic traits exhibited by our Nepali parents. Let us know if you can relate. 


Guilt Trips and Emotional Blackmail


Nepali moms can’t wait to say "leu aru ni futau" when you accidentally break something. Or the classic "Jaa! Teskai ghar ma basnu aba dekhi!when you ask to go to a friend’s house. Or the dangerous "ma marchu ani tha pauchau" when you can’t immediately do what they ask. And the list goes on.


Like can you please chill for a second, mom? Just for a second?




Compare Their Child To Everyone Else


"Chimeki ko chori le ta 90% lyaecha re, afno chori le kaile lyune hola?" is a popular one. Well mom, look at all the freedom chimeki ko chorri enjoys. What about that, huh? 




Warning: That last part is just a joke. Do not try at home for your own safety.


Passive Aggressiveness


Has anyone figured out why is it so hard to get a straight answer out of Nepali parents? Here's a typical example. 


"Baba, yo bag kata rakhum?"

"Mero tauko ma rakh


Excuse me?




Caring Way Too Much About What Others Think


"Manche haru le ke bhanlan?" is another sentence we’ve all heard at some point. When someone figures out how to tell your parents that you don’t care ke bhanlan without setting them off, please share it with us.




Silent Treatment


This usually happens when you debunk their points and prove your own innocence. Nepali parents often consider defending yourself as ‘talking back’ and ignore you until they calm down. It’s one of the many forms of mental torment they excel at.




Refuse To Admit When They’re Wrong


Nepali parents don’t apologize to their children when they’re wrong, they just start acting nice to you. Maybe even suddenly offer to do something for you, but an apology? Never.




Casual Sexism


Well, this one is pretty self-explanatory. If you’re the eldest daughter in the family, we hope you’re doing well and seek therapy soon. If you’re the youngest son, you’re a lucky bastard.




The "Back In My Day"


Nepali parents will not hesitate to gloat about how much accomplished they were at your age. Next time you forget to bring something your mom asked you to, just remember she was super responsible and already raising seven children when she was your age.




What toxic things do your parents do? Did we miss any? Let us know in the comments below! And if you found the article relatable, make sure to give Yeti Yap a like on Facebook. 


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