Talibans Show Their Softer Sides At Amusement Park And Gyms After Taking Over Afghanistan

By: Nischal Niraula  | | 2 Mins Aug 18, 2021


If you’ve been following news for the past couple days, you probably feel like the entire world is on fire with the Taliban takeover of Afghanistan. A viral video of Afghani nationals rushing to flee the country by latching on to the hatch of a moving airplane has created an atmosphere of panic and horror all over the world.



In contrast to the horrific footage, there have been multiple light-hearted videos where the Taliban fighters were seen having a jolly good time inside the amusement park and gym in Kabul.


One video which shows the feared fighters cheerily enjoying electric bumpers cars almost makes them seem like a bunch of toddlers giddy on their first visit to an amusement park. Of course, these toddlers-like Taliban were armed with automatic rifles even while on a retreat. The militant groups were also seen riding on merry-go-round horses and jubilantly jumping on a trampoline.



Another video shows the militant group exuberantly exercising their muscles on modern-day gym equipment.



The comical videos have showcased a softer side of Taliban, vastly different from the militant group that ruled the country in 90’s. Back then, the harsh rules from Taliban regime had banned photography, painting, flying kites along with strict rules forcing girls and women out of schools and jobs.  


Over the past few years, the Taliban group has been insisting that their ideologies and priorities have changed. The Deputy Leader of Taliban, Sirajuddin Haqqani, wrote an article in The New York Times, where he assured the international community that the Taliban group has become more inclusive and liberal over the years.



In the very first press conference held by the group yesterday, the group promised non-violence, equal rights for women and media freedom.



Despite their PR efforts, however, the world is still skeptical of the Taliban, given their violent and regressive past. And after all, running and governing Afghanistan is definitely not going to be a walk in the amusement park.


How do you think the events will playout in Afganistan? Let us know your take in the matter in the comments section below. 


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