What Do Nepali Landlords Look For In Their Tenants? Here Are 7 Unnecessary And Unrealistic Requirements

By: Nischal Niraula  | | 2 Mins Sep 13, 2021


With the population of Nepal increasing by almost 2 per cent every year, finding roof over your head is already difficult as it is. Things only get harder when landlords start making a list of unnecessary and unrealistic demands that need to be met if you hope to rent the house. In Nepal, having the money isn’t enough. You have to be the ideal tenant.  


So, if you don’t know what the ideal tenant looks like, we have prepared a check-list that needs to be crossed before you can get rent a room in Nepali society.


Don’t Be A Frontline Worker During A Pandemic


When the pandemic was raging, our doctors and nurses were risking their own lives everyday to save the lives of strangers. And how did more than a dozen landlords reward the selfless efforts of these frontline workers? By evicting them out of their houses.




Don’t Work Late At Night


The progression of economy demands its share of nighttime jobs. But our society still believes that good people go to bed on time. It’s only gangsters and thieves that stay up at night. So, if you have a nighttime duty, you’re probably going to have a hard time finding rent.  




Don’t Have Your Friends Come Over Too Often


If you have too many friends coming over too often, you’re probably doing drugs as far as your landlords are concerned.




Don’t Drink Or Smoke


According to society, if you drink or smoke, you probably have a bad character. So, you can consider yourself eliminated from the candidacy.




Don’t Be A Bachelor


Being a bachelor is a big no no. Most landlords believe that bachelors will do everything mentioned above and more.




Don’t Be In A Live-in Relationship


Some Nepali landlords would rather rent their house to a married couple with a history of domestic abuse than to an unmarried but loving couple.




Don’t Be A Dalit


The worst prejudice against tenants comes in the form of Nepal’s historical baggage — casteism. And the historical baggage continues to burden the people from marginalized community. People from the Dalit community are still deprived renting spaces even in a metropolitan city like Kathmandu.



Well, we hope this helps in you impress your potential landlord and score a house. Happy house hunting! 


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