Starter Pack: What A Typical Rainy Day In Kathmandu Is Like

By: Saisha Dixit  | | 3 mins Jul 15, 2021

Some people love rain and some people hate them, but we’re sure that both of those people can collectively agree on one thing: rainy days in Kathmandu are a mildly frustrating experience. There are certain things that happen every time it rains without fail that they’ve become a part of our life at this point.


So here are things that always happen when it rains in Kathmandu: a starter pack.




This one needs no introduction, really. Walking places while it’s raining or when it just rained is like going on a quest where the primary mission is trying not to slip. Not to mention how the mini floods that have been happening around the city are actually terrifying.



Canceled Plans


Oh, you made plans and it started raining? Yeah, cancel them. Unless you’re hanging out indoors and traveling by car, your experience will definitely be ruined.




No Wi-Fi


Wi-Fi providers really need to get it together one of these days. They can’t even withstand a little rain, huh?




Constant Power Outages


Here’s another classic we’re all familiar with. Sometimes we don't even realize it's raining until the lights go out.




Unreliable Weather


The most frustrating part about the rainy season in Kathmandu is how drastically the temperature changes. One minute we’re packing our blankets away because we’re sweating bullets, the next minute we need them immediately or we’ll freeze to death. Should we just pack our blankets or not??




Changed Routes


Another frustrating part about the puddles and the borderline pathetic condition of Kathmandu’s roads is that we need to changes our routes accordingly. If you ride a two-wheeler, you know the dread of thinking about how your usual route is probably a swimming pool right and you’ll have to take the long way home.




Traffic Jams


And guess what happens when everyone takes the main roads? Not to mention how when you’re on a two-wheeler it is impossible to stay completely dry, so you need to sit in a 45 mins long traffic jam while shivering. Yeah, driving home during or after heavy rain is one of the worst things ever.




Jhol Momo and Hot Tea


Although if there’s one saving grace here, it’s that sipping hot tea or eating tato jhol momo during rainy days is an elite experience. Sometimes rainy days are worth it for this alone. So basically the conclusion here is that rainy days in Kathmandu can be pretty great, but only if you have nothing to do and are staying home all day.




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