NRN Starter Pack: 10 Traits All Nepalis Living Abroad Share

By: Saisha Dixit  | | 4 mins May 31, 2021

Ah yes, NRNs. We all know them, we all make fun of them. There is something distinct about Nepali people living abroad though, it’s like once they move away from here, they all develop some specific, distinct personality traits.


So here we’ve compiled an NRN starter pack based on the most common traits they exhibit.


The Netflix provider


They usually pay for Netflix and everyone else leeches off them. ‘Dollar kamayeko paisa le tir’ is how these poor people get blackmailed.




Failed vegan


They’ve tried to go vegan once but failed miserably. Or if they did end up sticking to it, they try to recruit everyone into the vegan agenda.


Well, they don’t sell oat milk here Nikita, what am I supposed to drink then??




Buddha and Mount Everest is a part of their identity


While most of us living in Nepal are sick of this already, these people are still very proud of this one for some reason. Good for them at least.



Same goes for the only non-quadrilateral flag


This is another one of their go-to facts to impress white people.



‘Nepal is such a beautiful country


One of the easiest ways to spot an NRN is to see if they post pictures of different parts of Nepal and rave about how beautiful it is.



Momo is their entire personality


This one is harsh but very true. Yes, you love momo, we get it guys.




They're always Jet-lagged


Arrived 2 days ago? Jet-lagged.

Arrived 6 months ago? Yeah, they're still Jet-lagged.




They’re constantly amazed at what you can buy here


Nepal ma baking soda ni paucha??’

No friend, we’re all peasants. Also please shut up.



They’re also constantly amazed by how expensive everything is here


We don’t even blame them for this one. Everything IS expensive here compared to most countries abroad.




They can’t handle spice anymore


What is in the water abroad that brings down people’s spice tolerance to zero? Weak.




There you have it. Did we miss anything? Tell us in the comments. Follow us on Facebook at Yeti Yap for more.


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