15 Instances That Prove We Nepalis Need A Break From The Internet

By: Nischal Niraula  | | 3 Mins Jul 19, 2021


For us Nepalis, the internet was less of a necessity and more of a luxury. It was slow, expensive and something you used only on occasions. But now that the internet has become more accessible than ever, we find ourselves connected and online 24 hours a day. And if you are an active internet user, you’re bound to come across digital footprints left behind your fellow Nepali brothers and sisters, some more weird than others.


These weird footprints aren’t all that uncommon. Check out these 15 instances that will make you wonder if Nepali people need a break from the internet.


Aww! Gee, Thanks! 



Err.. I don't Think That's How Amazon Works  



The Struggle Is Real 



How Did He Raise $55? 






If You Wondered Where The Monolith's Landed  



No Mask? No Problem! 



Timilai Dekhera Himala Haaseko! 



Bet He's Started Regretting That Name  



Caught In 4k



3 Crore Nepali Le Hernai Parney Photo  



Welcome To Nepal, Bernie!



Somebody Direct Those Firetrucks Toward Her Heart 



Well, They Did What You Asked For 



Yeah! Don't Blame The Alcohol 



On second thoughts, perhaps the internet would be a little too dry without Nepali footprints. Meanwhile, if you found yourself smiling or exhaling an extra amount of air through your nostrils while scrolling through this post, consider liking and sharing Yeti Yap


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