11 Types Of Women At Every Nepali Wedding

By: Saisha Dixit  | | 2 mins May 3, 2021

One thing most of us miss right now is weddings. In the previous years, we’d be dressed to the nines around this time, celebrating weddings with our friends and families. However, this year we’re stuck at home trying to survive a deadly virus. But at least we can stay home and reminisce, right? So, if you’re missing the wedding vibes this season, you’ll probably enjoy this list of 11 Types Of Women At Every Nepali Wedding.


1. The 'You’re Next' Aunty


If you’re above the age of 20 you’re probably well familiar with the phrase "ani aba babu ko bihe chai kaile dekhiyela?"




2. The CCTV 


Sit next to these ladies for 15 minutes and you’ll know the scandalous secrets of everyone present. The bride's father is an alcoholic? No way!




3. The 'Rishta Khojna Ayeko'


This lady is looking for a spouse for her child and will stop at nothing to find one. When she starts asking about your horoscope, that’s your cue to run.




4. The Aunty Who's Always Live


She’ll fight the cameraman to get a close-up shot for her Facebook live. Her live chat is usually filled with people telling her that she forgot to flip the camera.




5. The Side-Eye 


Not to be confused with the CCTV, she doesn’t have anything positive to say about anyone. Her judgment scale starts from ‘meh’ and ends at ‘unacceptable’. 




6. The Story Teller


Sit next to her for a few minutes and she’ll tell you her entire medical history, completely unprovoked. 




7. The Kuire Ko Biu


She’ll complain about how backward the Nepali culture is in her fancy foreign accent the entire time, while sipping her organic water or something.




8. The Wannabe Model


She’ll hold the photographer hostage and make him take a million pictures of her in all sorts of poses. If a lady with her phone camera open starts approaching you, you know you've found her.




9. The Thumka Lagaune


She’s got moves and she’s not afraid to show it. Her senses get activated when 'Thamel Bazar" starts playing.




10. The One-Upper


If you see someone wearing more jewelry than the bride, it’s probably her.




11. The Sab Ko Aunty


She somehow knows everyone at the event and goes around greeting and complimenting everyone. If you're actively looking for rishta, stick with her the entire time.




Did we miss a type? Have you seen these types of women at Nepali weddings? Follow us on Facebook and let us know in the comments below!

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