The Story Of Abhishek Raj Singh, A Notorious Nepali Serial Killer Who Murdered His Victims Via Drugs

By: Nischal Niraula  | | 2 Mins Sep 15, 2021


The journey of Abhishek Raj Singh into the world of crime was born out of vengeance. His father, who was an officer at National Sports Council, was murdered during the Maoist insurgency. The traumatic loss triggered an intense hatred in him which continued to multiply over the years. He wouldn’t rest until he’d finally found the people who’d killed his father. And when he finally found them, he beat one of them to their death and shot another with a pistol. But now that he had gotten a taste for blood, there was no going back.



After extracting his revenge, he began working as a conman, swindling people for their money. One of his earlier rackets was running a manpower company where he duped 18 people for Rs 40,000 each under the guise of sending them to Australia. But his most ambitious project as a conman was that of a Tantric Guru. He lured a rich married woman, Soni Raj Bhandari, into falling in love with him. Soni’s husband, Binod Rajbhandari, was a CA in Afghanistan at the time. During his absence, Abhishek managed to swindle almost 3 crore from the Rajbhandari family.



And even after the husband returned, scams didn’t stop. Upon returning to Nepal, Binod had abruptly fallen ill. Despite regular visits to hospital, Binod just wasn’t getting better. And here, Abhishek spotted an opportunity to make money. He sold 2 liters of regular water to Rajbhandari family, claiming that it had divine healing powers for Rs 1.6 Lakh. While it is suspected that Abhishek had a role to play in Binod’s illness and later, death, no evidence could be found. During his time as a fraudster, Abhishek went by more than half-a-dozen names and even possessed multiple citizenships.  



Along the journey, he befriended a model and a real estate businessman, Nara Bahadur Gotame, who also happened to be his next victim. The two had sold a plot of land together but were in dispute regarding the share of profit. By now, killing someone wasn’t unthinkable to Abhishek. So, Abhishek injected his “friend” with 5 doses of nitrazepam and 4 doses of diazepam in a hotel in Birendranagar, Surkhet. Abhishek fled and Gotame died during treatment the very next day.



He then went on to kill two more people with a similar approach, one of whom was a cook in his house. The cook had recently learned about the many crimes Abhishek had committed. Once Abhishek learned of this, he killed the man who cooked his food for years in order to save his own skin.


Abhishk’s final kill before landing in prison was in 2013. Abhishek convinced Niranjan Pandey, a store manager at Lumos Pharmaceuticals, that there was a Naagmani to be found in Hetauda. There, Abhishek offered his victim sweets made out of bananas, claiming that it was a prasad from a tantric puja. Of course, the offering didn’t have any supernatural properties. Instead, it was laced with drugs. After he passed out, Abhishek further injected Pandey with another lethal dose of drugs, which ultimately killed him. The serial killer stole Pandey’s money and jewelry, before dumping his body and taking off with his car.



That same year, Nepal Police apprehended Abhishek from his residence at Bhainsepati who is now serving a life sentence in Nakhkhu prison. But even the jail bars couldn’t stop him from scoring yet another kill. In 2018, Abhishek concocted poison out of a mixture of herbs which he surprisingly managed to slip inside a prison. He, then, laced his unsuspecting cellmate’s food with poison, making Bhakta Bahadur Sunar his final victim.


And these are just some of the crimes that Abhishek confessed to after Nepal Police solved them. Abhishek insists that he has committed far too many atrocities and has even challenged the police to figure them out.


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