11 Little Things That Brighten Every Nepali Person’s Day

By: Saisha Dixit  | | 3 mins Sep 14, 2021

Don't we all have those little things that completely make our day? Those usually insignificant things that remind us of how important the tiny moments of joy in life are? The definition of joy varies from person to person of course, but despite individual preferences, there are some things that the inner Nepali in us always appreciates. 


So here are 11 little moments that never fail to brighten a Nepali person’s day:


1. Going to a government office and having your work done quickly instead of it taking the whole day




2. Going to a family function and having a fun time instead of getting interrogated




3. Not getting caught in traffic while driving during rush hour




4. That first sip of tea after a long, hard day




5. Going for a walk after it rains and not encountering any puddles




6. Ordering a plate of momo and getting one extra by mistake




7. Overhearing your mom saying nice things about you behind your back




8. Finding an empty window seat on a public vehicle




9. Telling your parents a *risky* joke and them actually laughing instead of turning it into a lecture




10. Cooking something for your family and everyone complementing it and even taking seconds




11. Your pet coming to greet you as soon as you get home




What little moments in life make you the happiest? Make sure to tell us over on Facebook.


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