This Brave Nepali LGBT Couple Is Making Waves On Social Media. Here Is Their Story

By: Rajiv Prajapati  | | 2 mins Sep 10, 2021

A young gay couple of Nepal has recently made the news after coming out to the world to get married. They certainly made quite the buzz on social media as every new story of a brave LGBT couple coming out is a win for this world. 


Stories like these are equally as important as those of public LGBT figures who become widely accepted. In the meanwhile, let’s just get our basic facts on the couple in question, Dhiraj Basnet and Arthik Jung Basnet.


The YouTube channel Todays NEPAL has released an interview with the couple where they share their story and history. So, here’s a brief bio on the two if you’ve been wondering. 


Who Are Dhiraj And Arthik, And How Old Are They?


In the video, Dhiraj claims to be 18 years of age while Arthik claims to be 20. Arthik is a valley-dweller living in Lalitpur while Dhiraj hails from Urlabari, Morang. Oh, and they like to make TikToks as well. 



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Realizing Their Sexual Identities


Both of them came to the realization around the age of 15. While Arthik didn’t elaborate further, Dhiraj explained that he has always felt different and something amiss about his personal identity since childhood. He also shared that he used to enjoy dressing in feminine clothing as a child. When he was in Grade 8, he began to do research about sexual identities and that was when he finally felt understood. 



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Coming Out To Their Families


Dhiraj came out to his family soon after realizing and understanding that he was a homosexual. Over time, he has developed a strong support system of LGBT allies. Meanwhile, Arthik has yet to have the talk with his family, despite the fact that he has come out to the world. He thinks his family will accept them gradually once he and Dhiraj ‘impress’ them. 




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Getting Together With Each Other


Getting together with each other was apparently a straightforward affair for the two. It was Arthik who initiated it after finding Dhiraj on social media. After receiving nonchalant replies the first time around, it took him a year to gather the courage and text Dhiraj again. The second time around, Dhiraj was more forthcoming. Once Dhiraj explained his background including his identity as a homosexual individual, Arthik made a romantic proposal, which was promptly accepted. 



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Going Forward


The couple also shared a little bit about their hopes and fears, including some bitter experiences of the past. But ultimately, they expressed a great deal of optimism for themselves going forward. In the words of Arthik, they want to show themselves as “the world’s best couple”. It can’t get more positive than that!



Well, that’s the story till now on the couple that is giving new hope and courage to LGBT people in Nepal. We wish them the best for their future! 


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