Beat The Summer Heat With These 8 Nepali Ice Cream Spots Around The Valley

By: Nischal Niraula  | | 3 Mins Jul 18, 2021

It’s the classic summer dilemma! The bright sunny weather make you want to step outside and enjoy the day, but the scorching heat insists you sit in your room with the fan on. But if the problem makes you feel “stressed”, spell it backwards and you have your solution — desserts. Not just any dessert though, we’re talking about icy cold ice cream that will wash away your sweltering summer sweats. And thankfully, for us Kathmanduites, the valley is filled with cool ice cream spots.  


So, scream for ice cream and head on to these 8 ice cream places to beat the summer heat as you treat your taste buds.




Baskin-Robbins started the year World War II ended. Today, 76 years and 1,300 flavors later, Baskin-Robbins has become the biggest chain of ice-cream parlors around the world. While a Baskin-Robbin’s store doesn’t hold more than 24 flavors at a time, you can be sure that each of those 24 flavors is sure to satiate your sweet tooth. You can spot a Baskin-Robbins outlet around Durbarmarg and Naxal among other locations. 



Annies Ice Cream Cafe 


Located in the bustling streets of Jhamsikhel, Annies is a local ice-cream joint that can give international franchises a run for their money. What separates Annies Ice Cream from lackluster of ice cream parlors is its wide variety of exciting and experimental flavors. After all, how often do you hear of paan or chai flavored Ice-cream?



Nepal Dairy’s


The image of this white ice-cream container is enough to evoke our childhood memories.



Nd’s has been the king of Nepal’s dairy industry for decades now. And the good thing (or bad, depending upon your perspective) is that they’ve retained the age-old flavor. So, it’s worth heading out to one of their many outlets and grabbing yourself a creamy scoop just for nostalgia’s sake.



Twisting Scoops


It’s an ice-cream that entertains. Twisting Scoops brings the world-famous Turkish ice-cream to Naxal’s Bhatbhateni and amuses its customers, not just with its rich flavors but also with its tricks. Here, you’re served ice-cream with a flair. The mischievous vendors will teach you a lesson on patience and alertness as they tease and prank you by dancing your dessert in front of your eyes without ever letting you catch it.



Sweet Fix


Enough with the cones and scoops. Let’s go back to the basics with popsicles. Sweet Fix, located in Basantapur, has been reinventing the popsicles we enjoyed so dearly as kids. Their popsies that come in myriads of flavors — ranging from mango and blackberry to watermelon lime and kiwi — are made with real fruits and natural ingredients. So, next time you're around Basantapur, be sure to grab a popsicle on the way. 



321 Ice Cream


The fascinating thing about nitrogen gas is that once you cool it down to 321-degree Fahrenheit, it turns into colorless, odorless and tasteless liquid. And most importantly, the liquid nitrogen has a freezing quality to it. So, once you pour it over your cup or a cone with cream in it, ice crystals start to form and voila, you have yourself a steaming cold ice cream. Now, if you are very clever, you might have guessed how the famous ice cream store at Labim Mall derived its name.



Marbella Italian Ice-Cream


Now, let’s take a detour around Italy, looking for unique scoops. Of course, you don’t have to book a flight to Italy though, a ride to Budhanilkantha will suffice. There, you’ll find a cozy ice cream parlor that specializes in Italian version of ice cream — gelatos. But be warned, you might have a hard time going back to ice cream once you give gelatos a lick.





One of the latest additions to Nepali ice cream stores, Icekraft is an Indian brand currently operating in the boisterous streets of Durbarmarg. Icekraft prides itself in the craft of making ice cream, hence the name. If you have grown tired of generic ice-creams, you should definitely pay Icekraft a visit and give their charcoal flavored ice-cream a shot.



Well, we hope these recommendations help you beat the swealtering heat. Meanwhile, let us know your favorite ice cream spot in the comments section below. 


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