WATCH: Men Experience Period Pain First Hand And Wince In Agony

By: Nischal Niraula  | | 2 Mins Sep 9, 2021


Most of the men have been told, by their girlfriend, sister or friends, that period cramps are one of the worst pains ever. While men try to understand and sympathize with the pain, they don't have the slightest clue what the women go through. And how can they? Nature has favored them in this regard.


But recently, two NGOs from Gujarat, India, made it possible for men to experience the unfair torments known only to women.


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A machine that was attached to male volunteers delivered jolts of pain to their abdominal regions in order to artificially recreate period cramps. Their expressions say it all. Through shock-induced screams, painful groans and excruciating writhes these men got a glimpse into the pain women go through. And more importantly, we also learned how men would react to a pain that’s routine to most women.



This isn't the first time men have had the opportunity to experience period cramps. A Tiktok video had gone viral, back in May, when a bunch of friends used a similar device to try and get the men in the group familiar with the pain. The video below shows men screaming and wincing in agony while women barely even flinched.



After experiencing cramps first hand, one of the guy yells out, “there’s no way you’re walking around like that!” Well, kudos to all the women for being able to walk, work and smile through the cramps. 


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