12 Relatable Memes To Make Your Nepali Sibling Smile After Making Them Cry

By: Nischal Niraula  | | 2 mins Jul 8, 2021


Get this! You’re an elder sibling alone and bored in your home with a younger sibling. So, like a perfectly normal elder sibling you summon your little brother / sister and smack them across the face to make the day more interesting. Instantly, they start crying and guilt washes over your body. And what’s worse is that you hear your mum’s footsteps approaching. You just don’t want to get into trouble for making your sibling cry again. So, what do you do?


Well, fear not! We’ve got you covered. Here are 12 relatable memes you can show your teary-eyed sibling to make them smile. Quick! Before mum finds out! 


You're At Your Pettiest When You're With Your Sibling! 




If You Stop Crying I'll Buy You Chocolates! 



If You Stop Bleeding I'll Give You Money! 



Remember! Snitches Get Stitches! 



Could You Be Any More Dramatic? 



You Were Thinking Too Loud! 



Look At Me! I'm The Captain Now! 



If You Don't Get To Watch What You Want, Niether Does Your Sibling.



Well, That's Awkward! 



At Least You're Sharing! 






Never Forget!  



Well, we hope these memes helped you bond with your sibling better and more importantly, saved you from your mum's scolding session. Meanwhile, if you enjoyed scrolling through these memes consider following Yeti Yap for more of such content. 


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