What If Spiderman Was Nepali? Here's How Different Things Would Be For Pratik Pokhrel

By: Nischal Niraula  | | 2 Mins Aug 31, 2021


“What if…?” Anything is possible once you utter these two magical words. It’s possible that a radioactive spider never bit Peter Parker. Instead, Sally the radioactive spider, travelled all the way from New York to Kathmandu and sunk her teeth into Pratik Pokhrel. Now, it’s Pratik, an average awkward teenager from Kathmandu who possesses the power of Spiderman.


So, how does Pratik’s life compare to that of Peter’s? Here’s how different things would be for a Nepali Makuri-maanis.


Pratik Frequently Gets Stuck In The Mesh Of Electricity Wires Hung Around The City


NEA and Makuri-maanis absolutely hate each other. NEA is tired of having to rescue Pratik from electricity poles every day. And Pratik is collecting petitions to shift all the electric wires underground.  



Dashain Is A Specially Perilous Time


Pratik needs to be extra careful swinging his webs during Dashain. Ambitious kite-flying kids have made a game out of slashing Spiderman’s web and yelling “Makuri Chett!”




Pratik Had To Breakup With His High School Sweetheart Muskan Joshi 


Because gotra milena.




We Don’t Call The Villain Rhino Anymore


Well, we used to. But then, KP Oli launched a campaign to rename the villain "Gaida."



Youtubey Patrakars Are Close To Finding Out Spiderman’s Identity


They are relentless and shameless, and won’t stop at any cost to find out who the Makuri-maanis is.




Foodmandu And Bhoj Are Fighting To Hire Spiderman As Their Delivery Boy


Pratik is actually considering joining a food delivery service since photography doesn’t pay well in Nepal.




He’s Often Seen Carrying Aloo and Dhaniya In Green Polythene Bags


Pratik is a superhero at home as well. He helps Maya Kaaki with groceries.




Indian Media Has Claimed Spiderman Was Born In India


After claiming lord Buddha, Limpiyadhura, Lipulekh, Kalapani and Mount Everest, Indian media has claimed Spiderman to be Indian as well.




Makuri-maanis Is Often Late To Rescue People


It’s not his fault, though. Pratik just can’t find a private place to change costumes.




Nepali Public Doesn’t Believe Pratik Was Bit By A Radio Active Spider


Instead, they’re convinced he’s Vishnu’s avatar.




Well, looks like Peter Parker has it way easier than our poor Pratik Pokhrel. What else would be different for Nepali Makuri-maanis? Keep the trend rolling in the comments section of the post. 


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