HISTORY QUIZ: Are These Ridiculous Facts Actually True Or Did We Make Them Up?

By: Nischal Niraula  | Mar 12, 2021

History is pretty weird, isn’t it? A failed painter went on to become the world’s most hated dictator, the USA accidentally bombed Switzerland during April Fool’s Day, and former US president Bill Clinton lost the nuclear launch codes. No, we’re not making any of it up. History is filled with such colorful anecdotes that sound almost too weird to be true. 


So, prepare yourself for a blast from the past and figure out if the following historical facts are true, or if we made them up. 

1. It's called an operation theatre because people used to buy tickets to watch surgeries and amputations.


2. In the 13th century, the Pope declared war on all the black cats.

That Happened
No Way That Happened

3. Genghis Khan named his favorite horse as the ruler of what is now France after conquering a big chunk of Europe,

Yes, He Did
No, He Didn't

4. British poet and politician, Lord Byron brought a bear with him to his college dormitory because they didn't allow dogs.


5. Before the invention of alarm clocks a 'knocker-up' would knock on your door to wake you up.

Sounds True
That's Too Ridiculous To Be True

6. Ancient eccentric Egyptians used camel piss as perfume.

Of Course! Camel Piss Smells Wonderful
No Way They Did That

7. When homosexuality was labelled as an illness In Sweden, the Swedes protested by calling in sick to work claiming they were feeling gay

True! That's What I'd Do Too!

8. In Late 1800's, the entire state of Ohio had only two cars and yet they managed to somehow smash into each other.

Yep! That Happened
Nope! That's Statistically Improbable

9. Children were prescribed heroin as a medicine for fever and cough.

Yes, That Must Have Happened
No, Our Medical System Would Never Let That Happen

10. Prince Dhirendra's ultra-advanced glasses allowed him to see through women's clothing

Yes, I've Heard The Stories And Believe Them
No, That's A Load Of Bollocks


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