The Story Of Deepak Manange — From Thamel Businessman To MP

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Four days ago, notorious career criminal Rajeev Gurung, better known as Deepak Manangne, took oath as the Sports and Youth Minister for Gandaki Province. Nepalis could do little but watch at the unfolding of a scene disturbingly similar to a Bollywood flick.


The people were shocked but not surprised. Our parliament is already filled with people of much greater notoriety. Leading an open double-life in both crime and politics, Manange is just a touch different than the rest. But little is known about his history other than a few larger-than-life anecdotes.


Using news reports over the years, we have put together some pieces to answer the question — Who is Deepak Manange?



Born In Thamel, Raised In India


A Saptahik report from 2008 revealed facts about his early life from Deepak Manange himself. He was born in Thamel, and grew up in Calcutta and Sikkim.  




He Started Out As A Textile Trader 


His first venture was in a readymade clothing store, 24 years ago. At the time, he would also export Nepali clothes to Delhi, and bring back leather jackets to sell in Nepal. After getting in (unspecified) trouble with the law, he left this business and went back to India for three years. 



His Next Venture Was In The Clubbing Scene


After three years in India, he came back to Nepal and started running the Yak Horn night club. During this time, he roughed up Crown Prince Dipendra’s personal assistant, which resulted in a lot of pressure from the security forces. Eventually, he had to close shop. 


During this period, he also operated many other night businesses including Jolly Disco, 24-Hour Club, and others. 



The Infamous Attack On Milan Chakre


Gurung was arrested many times throughout his career. According to police records, he was first arrested in 2059 BS. Newspaper reports mention many arrests in passing — beating an army man, and attacks on prominent gangsters of the time like Kaji Sherpa. 


The most famous Manange anecdote, however, is his attack on a rival gang leader, Milan Chakre. According to Annapurna Post, Gurung was arrested near the end of 2003 for attacking Milan Chakre with a sharp weapon. Manange apparently attacked Chakre with a group of 15 people and almost severed Chakre’s arm. The attack and the subsequent injury have been well-documented by the media. 



Entry Into Politics


Following the attack on Milan Chakre, he was released from prison in 2007. Sometime after this, he developed a relationship with the Rastriya Prajatantra Party (RPP).


In 2017, he joined RPP formally in a bid to gain candidature for the upcoming provincial elections. In order to achieve that goal, he even changed parties to the Communist Party of Nepal (UML). He finally won a seat in the Gandaki Provincial Assembly as an independent candidate. 



Ministership And Recent Scandals


Gurung was arrested as recently as last year, when he publicly berated and beat the Chairperson of the All Nepal Football Association Kaski at an event. 


However, his aspirations only continue to grow. As of four days ago, Deepak Manange has been sworn in as the State Minister of Youth and Sports for Gandaki Province. 



And that is the way the infamous Rajeev Gurung or Deepak Manange found his rise from the Nepali crime world to Nepali politics. What was the craziest story of Nepali gangsters you have ever heard? Follow us and let us know in the comments.


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