13 Terrible Dad Jokes That Are So Bad, They're Good

By: Ashu Sharma  | | 2 Mins Jun 14, 2021


“What makes a joke a dad joke?”

“When it becomes apparent.”


Being a dad gives you superpowers. You can sneeze at astronomical volumes, you can fall asleep as soon as you sit on the couch and you can sense when your kids have left the light switches on (yes, we’re talking to you.) But the best superpower possessed by our super-dads is their super-terrible sense of humor.  


So, finish your loud gargling session,  inflate your bellies and dive into these hilarious dad jokes that are so bad they’re good.  


Give It Back Doc! 



You're Gonna Be The One That Saves Me! 



Whatever You Say, Tomorrow! 



Might Just Start Dating The Spider 



Heh! Heh! Got Your Nose! 






Gotta Mantain That Beer Belly 



Who Let The Dads Out? 



Well, He's Technically Correct!  



Embrace The Dad Bod In All its Soft Lumpy Glory 






Out Of The ... Orange? 



Yes! They Can!  



If you enjoyed these dad jokes, be sure to leave a huge thumbs up in the comment section, you know, like a typical dad. 


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