8 Cyber Scams In Nepal That Are All Too Common

By: Rajiv Prajapati  | | 3 mins Wed, Jun 9, 2021 5:09 AM


Nepal has a burgeoning sector with a new digital wallet launching every other year, and home-brewn apps aplenty. But the digital realm comes with as many pitfalls as there are opportunities.


These days, it isn’t uncommon to hear about scam operations that use various techniques to steal money from Nepali internet users. So, here are 8 cyber scams in Nepal that are all too common nowadays.

Fake Nudes Blackmailing


The Nepali cybersecurity sector is still far from developed. So, it’s no surprise that the prevalent cyber scams in Nepal would be lowly ones like blackmail. 


The Cyber Bureau has spoken about groups who create fake nudes of unfortunate victims and go on to blackmail them. They will contact victims on their social media accounts and extort them for money with the threat that they will release the doctored photos.




Real Nudes Blackmailing


There are also groups that take a far more elaborate approach with the aim of gathering genuine images of their victims. Apparently, these groups contact their victims over social media and slowly entice them to sexual activities over internet video calls. 


Once the deed is done, however, these criminals proceed to blackmail the victims using their real images during the act. 




Paid Job Training


This has been a prevalent scam in Nepal for a number of years. These scammers post job vacancies, and force their candidates to pay for mandatory training before the job even starts.


Once the money is paid and the training is done, the unlucky candidates are informed that sadly, there is no opening for them at the moment. 




MLMs as Nepali Online Jobs


Multi-level-marketing schemes have almost become a synonym for the word ‘scam’. But did you know that MLMs are a thing in Nepal too?


They were actually a big thing a few years back. These organizations would grab hold of middle-aged people and sell them items like green tea, with the promise that they would get a kickback from every other person they recruited to the business. 


These days, MLM schemes in Nepal take the attractive form of online jobs. Excited applicants go on to find out that their job would be to sell beauty items and recruit more 'partners' to boost kickbacks. 



Identity Theft


We also have hackers who hack into the social media accounts of celebrities to execute a simple-minded scam. These hackers have been known to message people in the celebrities’ friend lists asking them for money.




Coca-Cola Welfare Fund


Many people in recent days have been receiving a suspicious message on their social media through their acquaintances. The Coca-Cola Welfare Fund promises its participants the chance to win Rs 5000 if they participate in a survey. However, clicking on the given link can give scammers access to your social media.




Game Currency Scam


Online businesses have grown massively in  Nepal over the last few years. While many businesses promise to deliver items like books and clothing, others offer digital goodies and services. 


There is a huge market in Nepal for in-game currencies for games such as PUBG and Free Fire. Every so often, unsuspecting customers are trapped by scammers who disappear after taking payment for the goodies. 




Foreign Scammers


Nepali people are also the target of foreign scammers. These people contact their victims over social media and promise enticing offers such as visas, lottery, and Iphones at cheap prices. 


Since they live out of the country, the preferred medium of payment for these scammers is cryptocurrency including Bitcoin and Tether. 




So, these are some of the common forms of cyber scams in Nepal right now. We can only expect scammers to find new ways to harm and steal from people. So, we should always take care of who we are speaking to on the internet. 


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