Why Do You Cringe When You Listen To Recordings Of Your Voice? And Why You Shouldn't!

By: Nischal Niraula  | | 2 Mins Jul 23, 2021


So, you’re out having a good time with your friends, chattering about nothing important in particular. Still, the moment feels special so you capture an Instagram story and post it. Once you reach home, you play back the stories. Halfway through, you hear an embarrassingly ugly voice. Each time the voice appears, you cringe more and more. Eww! Whose voice is that? Yours, sadly. Suddenly, you realize your voice isn’t as nice as you hear in your head. So, you make up your mind to shut up for the entirety of your life.




But don’t sweat it! You’re not the only one. Most people absolutely despise the recorded versions of their voice and there’s a good reason behind why that happens.


When you speak, the voice is conducted from your vocal cords to your ears through your facial bones. Now, our bones are good at conducting low pitch, rich sounds. So, before your actual voice reaches your ears, the traits you dislike about your voice — high-pitched and tinnier overtones — are lost on the way, whereas the traits that you like about your voice — low-pitched and richer overtones — are emphasized.




But when you speak into a recorder, your voice travels through the air. And it’s the air that betrays you. Tragically, the air equally conducts both likeable and dislikable traits of your voice before it reaches the recording device. When you play back the voice, there’s a huge gap between how your voice sounds in your head versus how it actually sounds. And it’s this very gap that makes you cringe.




For your listeners, however, no such gap exists. They only hear your voice that’s conducted through air, and to them, it sounds perfectly alright. They don’t have a reason to cringe at your audio recordings. It’s just you being your harshest critic. So, internalize this thought and bombard your friends with gift of your delightful voice messages.


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