8 Strange And Controversial Statements By Sadhguru That Made Us Question His Insights

By: Rajiv Prajapati  | | 3 mins Sep 3, 2021

Who would deem themselves fit to unravel what goes through the mind of a self-proclaimed godman? The spiritual leader Sadhguru has enamored the entire world with his sweet words and insightful opinions. 


His words can keep people of all ages stuck to the screen, and his expertise is as broad as it is deep. As godmen are often wont to do, he has garnered his fair share of heinous controversies, and gained quite the infamy by speaking on every topic that strikes his mind.


So, here are 8 strange and controversial statements by Sadhguru that made us question his insights. 


An Expert On Female Anatomy


It seems among his diverse body of knowledge, Sadhguru is also an expert on female anatomy. He has claimed in one prabachan claiming that “If a woman delivers twins, one breast will produce one type of milk and the other will produce another type of milk”. 



An Experiment On How Eclipses Turn Food Into Poison


In this shocking clip, Sadhguru casually details how eclipses can change the ‘energy composition’ of food, turning them not only ‘bad’ but even poisonous. 



An Expert In Forensic Pathology


Another example of Sadhguru’s sweeping wealth of knowledge can be seen in this video, where he talks about bringing dead people back to life. The crux of this video is marked below, and here he remarks that when a person is declared dead by medical professionals, they are not really dead. 



Claiming Europe For Hinduism


Sadhguru’s rhetoric falls in a very stereotypical style often taken by non-denominational gurus. Such godmen often like to proclaim that they shun organized religions of all kinds, only to make subtly supremacist comments regarding their own religion of origin. In the following video, Sadhguru can be heard claiming that “Europe was full of temples like this”. 



A Misogynistic Take On Rakshya Bandhan 


Many of Sadhguru’s comments often go under the radar for simply being inscrutable. But the spiritual leader has made some not-so-subtle comments on the role of women. This past Rakshya Bandhan, he made the following tweet: 



It became somewhat viral as an example of Sadhguru’s inscrutable thoughts. But the vague implications of the tweet was clearly explained away by one Twitter user, and it sums up most of his comments on women. 



Mercury As A Part Of The Yogic Diet


But one of the most fantastic and farcical lessons shared by Sadhguru never made any headlines. These lessons often fall under the ‘tantric’ side of the guru’s knowledge. In the following video, he goes into dangerously scant detail about the tantric practice of consuming mercury, explaining how experienced yogis regularly consume small amounts of the toxic element.



He Spoke At Length On A Heated Political Topic


Spiritual leaders like Sadhguru also like to swear off any political alignment, only to go on and speak about them passionately. The Citizenship Amendment Act is a recent policy introduced by the Indian government which received widespread criticisms.


Sadhguru decided that he had a lot of opinions about the bill, and spoke about it on many occasions. He made these comments while claiming that he hadn’t read the bill, and if this article is to be believed, he got many facts about it wrong.



He Regularly Teaches Women About Feminism


Perhaps the most outspoken comments by Sadhguru has been on the topic of feminism. It is clear that he is not a fan of the theory — this much is certain. On the surface, his arguments are more against the approach of feminism. But in doing so, he takes some shady roads that are often seen among far-rightists who create fallacious arguments to hide their racism. 


For example, the video below starts with him saying, “Women should have rights — I don’t like that. All human beings should have equal opportunity.” Sounds a bit too similar to “All lives matter”, doesn’t it? 



These are just some of the statements made by Sadhguru that had us questioning his credentials. Do you believe that Sadhguru has the world’s best interests at heart, or are you one of those hardcore disbelievers who think he’s fooling the world?


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