16 Blind Date Comments That Are As Entertaining As The Show

Saisha Dixit
15th May 2021 Read time: 3 Mins


Videos might be YouTube’s main attraction, but it’s the comments that make you linger. If the video is the main course, the comments are the side dishes. And when it comes to Nepal’s favorite guilty pleasure, Blind Date, you can be sure that these side dishes are just as delicious as the main course. Every Blind Date episode is littered with nuggets of comedy gold hidden inside the comments section.


So, we decided to dig into this comedy gold mine and gather some of the best comments from Blind Date that are almost as entertaining as the show.


1. Don't Forget To End The Intro With "You Can Search Me In The Wikipedia!" 



2. Remember When A Plate Of Mo:Mo Started A Fight Between These Two?  



3. Rajkumar Has Become The New Crowd Favorite!   



4. Pranima! Blink Twice If You Need Help! 



5. Legend Has It! Whenever A Couple Sits Down To Enjoy Their Lunch, Ram Appears And Yells, "Lunch Khana Aako Ki Date Ma? Discipline Chhaina?" 



6. Can You Imagine Watching A Show Where Your Dad Called Himself A "Girls' Lover"? 

7. Those Demands Are Too Damn High! 



8. People Are Desperately Waiting For C-Lu to Reveal Her Secrets  



9. Not Gonna Lie! Asal Had Us In The First Half!  



10. Bikash Doesn't Like Leaving Anything To The Imagination 



11. Asal And His Earth-Shattering Dance, Everybody! 



12. How Can A Hilarious Show Like Blind Date Have Such A Serious Management Team?  



13. Now That You've Mentioned It... 



14. Spot On! 



15. Yeah! Why Was She There Again? 



16. C-Lu Didi Said This Within The First 6 Minutes Of Her Date! 



Well, we hope you enjoyed these comments as much as you enjoy the show. Meanwhile, make sure to follow Yeti Yap for more of such content in the future.


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