Can You Identify These Beverages From Just These Emojis?

By: Bishesh Dhaubhadel  | | 2 Minutes Jul 22, 2021

From kids looking for something sweet, to adults looking to pop a cold one, beverages are something everyone can enjoy. Especially with summer right around the corner, beverages are now in more demand than ever.


Of course, we’ve all had our fair share of hot, cold, soft, or hard beverages over the years; but just how well do we remember them? Enough to recognize them through symbols?


Take this quiz to see if you can identify these beverages from just these emojis?


Let's start off with an easy one!



How about a beer?



You can't miss this one!



Let's up the difficulty a bit!



We're basically handing this one to you!



It gets reallty tough here!



Just keeps getting harder!



Ease up a bit.



Whip out your hands for this one!



Piece them together!



It only get tougher from here!



Might wanna call Sherlock!



Keep the flow going!


The final strech!



And finally...




How did you do on the quiz? Tell us in the comments!

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