10 Beautiful Nepali Music Videos That Will Blow Your Mind

By: Rajiv Prajapati  | | 2 mins Jun 29, 2021


The development of videography brought to life a whole new way for humans to express themselves. Today, we have the choice between any variety of cameras, lenses, and software to create new meanings and tell evocative stories. 


One of the places where videographers find the greatest free reign to create art is in music videos. Nepali filmmakers in particular have created some amazing music videos that stick with us for various reasons — whether for memorable visuals, or for telling amazing stories.


So, here are 10 most beautiful music videos of Nepal. 


Sajjan Raj Vaidya - Lukaamaari


Sajjan Raj Vaidya released Lukaamaari earlier this year, in February. Besides the instantly recognizable style, the video itself brought in an ethereal underwater scene featuring actor Sharif Shrestha.



Underside - Gadhimai


Underside is well-known as the premium metal band of Nepal, who perform regularly in international venues. The band released Gadhimai in 2019 in reference to the Gadhimai festival of Nepal.


The absolutely brutal metal song was accompanied by a hellish visual narrative of a woman, representing the goddess, who is forced into accepting the vicious impulses of so-called godmen.



Abhyutthan - Trishul ko Dhaar


The band Abhyutthan is a relative new-comer onto the scene, yet embodies a unique musical space with a style that combines harsh rock riffs with equally frenetic rap verses. 


Trishul ko Dhaar is a straightforward metaphor of political greed. However, it contains some really evocative imagery, not the least of which is the ferocious-looking sanyasi who leads a singular warfare against the powers that be. 



Albatross - Bachau


Bachau is one of the recent hits by Nepali rock idols, Albatross. Released in 2019, the song is a portrayal of a tormented, possibly lovelorn artist. Bachau’s music video treats the video almost as a paper canvas, conjuring static images that are strangely captivating.



Bikash Chamling - Aaja Kina


Released all the way back in 2016, Bikash Chamling’s Aaja Kina utilizes some really innovative ideas. As such, a simple moment of reminiscence by an old photographer is shown in a really magical way.



Phosphenes - I Will Be Gone


Within the Nepali music scene, Phosphenes is the best example of a burgeoning artistic interest in the indie music genre. They’ve been at it for 4 years, creating some true gems.


I Will Be Gone is the perfect embodiment of this spirit — a song that feels like a hug, accompanied by a video that looks like your ‘happy place’. It uses a square aspect ratio to show magic shots of a boat ride, creating a magical visual piece.



Aastha Tamang Maskey - Khaali


Aastha Tamang Maskey was pushing the envelope in Nepali music video production as far back as 2012. Khaali displays a bewitching dance between Maskey herself and a persona wearing a traditional mask of a ferocious deity. 


Playing with light and moments of amusing sonic sketches, Khaali portrays inner conflict like no other music video out there.



Wayam - Udai Lanchu


Wayam’s Udai Lanchu deals with a harsh reality of Nepal — young men who migrate to Gulf and East Asian countries in search of work. The video holds back no punches in its portrayal of loss. 


Deranged through the grief of a lost son, a mother projects her son onto a grotesque mannequin made of twigs. The wife, meanwhile, is left to care for the mother-in-law and take care of their daily needs as well.



Kamero - Nepenthe(s)


Kamero’s Nepenthe(s) looks like something that came right out of a fever dream — after a night spent researching ancient Nepali wars. This video gives a very surreal depiction of a battle between ancient Gurkhali and British soldiers. The visual style is reminiscent of the movie 300, and in no small way. Definitely worth checking out.


Jerusha Rai - Sunsaan I


Jerusha Rai finds a lot of inspiration in folk tunes from her own culture, and you can definitely see it in her music. Sunsaan I is an avant garde piece, hard to put into any box. But it has a hypnotic power to it, which is magnified by the video. The video is shot in a square aspect ratio and always portrays still shots. 


The video alternates between bewitching shots of nature and a woman dancing in between. 



These are some of the most beautiful music videos that Nepali creators have made for equally talented artists. Which is your favorite music video for a Nepali song? Follow us and let us know in the comments.


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