Did Tokyo Really Build Anti-Sex Beds For Olympic Athletes? Here's The Story

By: Rajiv Prajapati  | | 2 mins Jul 19, 2021

One of the biggest sporting events in the world is set to inaugurate in a few days time, on July 23 — the Summer Olympics, taking place this year at Tokyo.


Historically, the Olympics have been a center of international harmony. Thousands of world-class athletes congregate in a single location to compete in numerous games. It offers the hosting nation a great boost in their tourism revenue.


However, the coronavirus pandemic has changed the situation for this year’s Tokyo Olympics, which has already been postponed a year. Amidst some genuine risks, Tokyo has sought to conduct the Summer Olympics by following special coronavirus guidelines.


One part of that, apparently, are these bizarre cardboard beds that are supposedly designed to promote social distancing.



The way it works is that these cardboard beds are meant to hold the weight of only one person at a time. This way, athletes will be discouraged from — get this — having sex with each other, which violates social distancing practices.


American track and field athlete Paul Chemilo had this to say about the situation.



The situation is a far cry from the 1988 Seoul Olympics, when competitors were given condoms to encourage safe sex and raise awareness against HIV.


Twitter user @GYMSTAN2 summed up the glaring hole in this logic pretty well.



Paul Chelimo’s bed-gate conspiracy theory has caught on in the interwebs and people are in total disbelief. 





It seems, however, that Chelimo’s theory might not be completely true as various news organizations have reported the true purpose of the cardboard beds is environmental sustainability. 


NBC News has reported that the 18,000 beds have been constructed for the Olympic Village, which is where all the athletes for the Tokyo Olympics will be staying. Making beds out of cardboard allows a huge mass of furniture products, which will only be used for the duration of the Olympics, to be recycled into something else.


The Tokyo Olympics also has a theme of sustainability, and the beds fall in line perfectly with their goal of zero waste.


In any case, though, Chelimo did keep the netizens confused and guessing for some time. 


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