A Professor Gave A Woman LSD To See How She Would React, Here Is What Happened

Posted at: 2021-04-28  |   Rajiv Prajapati

Back in the 19th and 20th century, psychoactive drugs like cocaine and opium were available to people in the same way street pani puri is available to people here in Nepal. 


Unlike pani puri, however, these psychoactive drugs were often used to conduct experiments on people. One drug commonly used for experiments was lysergic acid diethylamide, commonly known as LSD.


These studies give us a glimpse into the otherworldly experiences people have under the influence of psychoactive drugs. The best example of this is a video from an experiment conducted by Dr. Sidney Cohen, which sought to document the effects a person has after taking LSD. The interview is fascinating to say the least, and is available for all to see.



The monochrome video from the 1950’s starts by introducing us to the subject of the experiment, who is a housewife. In a voiceover, the doctor informs that a few tests were done on the subject and the results showed that she was completely normal. 


She admits that she was slightly nervous, which shouldn’t come as a surprise considering what she’s about to do: drink a glass of water mixed with hallucinogenic drugs.


The woman then drinks the water with 1/10th milligram of LSD in it with ease.  





Three hours later, she is no longer nervous and quiet. She is glowing with confident and very chatty. Through the various clips, she begins to relate some fasinating experiences as they occur to her. 





When someone takes LSD, the first question to ask is “Oi talai thik cha?” Considering the circumstances, the doctor maintains a remarkably professional composture and asked her to describe what she's going through. She replied by saying that she could see air and all the molecules and everything was colorful. 




Further into the interview, she talks about seeing something that looked like a curtain or a spider web. It may be possible that she saw a curtain filled with spider webs. 




She continued to hallucinate as towards the end she said that she saw something. When asked to describe it she said she couldn’t.


“If you can’t see it then you’ll just never know.”


Later on, the doctor interviews philosopher Gerald Heard because the philosopher has “great personal experience” with LSD and asks him his opinion on it. 


Gerald tells the doctor that none of his subjects had the same experiences. He expresses that the only way to explain the experience is to talk about what the experience is NOT like. He simply concludes that the only common factor between the subjects was that they imagined things that weren’t there.  




The video is a fascinating relic of a time when psychoactive substances were more accepted by the society. 


On that note, what is your wildest drug story ever? Don’t let us know in the comments below because you might get arrested. Instead, follow us and let us know what you thought of this video. 

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