10 Terrible Name Based Puns You'll Feel Bad For Laughing At

By: Nischal Niraula  | | 2 Mins May 19, 2021


There’s no such thing as a bad pun. In fact, we’d argue that the worse they are, the funnier they get. We’re talking about the sort of puns that make you cringe, laugh and hate yourself for laughing — in that particular order. And if you have a thing for that sort of humor, you’ve come to just the right place. 


On that note, let’s dive into 10 terrible Nepali name puns you’ll feel bad for laughing at. Hope you have pun! 


Two Things People Have A Hard Time Understanding, Combined!



 Hope She Doesn't Spill Any! 



When Aanchal Sharma Is On Quarantine, She's ...



And When Bhuwan KC Is On Vacation, He Becomes ... 



Kangratulations! Kangratulations! Successful Biruwa!  



This Egg Will Definitely Give You Bird-Flu! 



Chance Payo Bhaney Garcha!  



This Himal Is Made Entirely Out Of Falaam 



She Also Has A Little Sister Called Woramita! 



Well, did any of these 10 puns make you laugh? Or did no-pun-in-ten-did?


Follow us and let us know your favorite pun in the comments section. 


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