15+ Nepalis Besides Gaurika Singh Who Were Recognized In The Forbes 30 Under 30 Asia

Posted at: 2021-04-23  |   Rajiv Prajapati


Forbes magazine recently unveiled its Forbes 30 Under 30 Asia list for the year 2021. Swimmer Gaurika Singh and founder of Fin Lit Nepal, Prakash Koirala, were noted among the most influential youth of Asia for this year.


However, this is not the first time that innovative Nepali youth made their way onto this list. Our country has seen many driven youth come up with creative new ideas to make a difference in various areas of life. Many of them have been recognized by the Forbes magazine through the 30 Under 30 Asia list.


Here are some of the individuals who have been recognized by Forbes magazine for their impact in various human sectors. 

Shubhangi Rana and Jesselina Rana (Pad2Go) 


Pad2Go founders Shubhangi Rana and Jesselina Rana were listed among 2020’s Forbes 30 Under 30 Asia under the Social Entrepreneurs category. The organization works in the field of menstrual health by improving access to sanitary napkins and conducting workshops to raise awareness against menstruation-related taboos. 


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Till date, Pad2Go has installed over 80 vending machines for sanitary napkins around the country. The enterprise has also won other international accolades including 1st prize at the 2019 AGUASAN workshop in Switzerland. 


Nikita Acharya and Kiran Timsina (Urban Girl) 


Urban Girl was one of the early movers in the Nepali e-commerce sector that focuses on women’s fashion. Founders Nikita Acharya and Kiran Timsina established the company in 2012. The company also runs UG Cakes, which trains and employs deaf women. 



Urban Girl also won the Best Start-Up Company Award in the 2017 Newbiz Business Conclave. The duo were listed in the Forbes 30 Under 30 Asia in 2020.


Aayushi KC (Khaalisisi)


When it comes to innovative social enterprises of Nepal, Khaalisisi is something of a household name. Aayushi KC founded Khaalisisi in 2017 as a platform to connect people with recyclable waste-buyers or what the company calls “Khaalisisi Friends”. She is also outspoken about changing the public opinion about recycling and waste-collectors engaged in the business. 



KC was listed in the 30 Under 30 Asia in 2018. 


Golfer Pratima Sherpa 


Pratima Sherma entered her first golf tournament at the age of 11, and won 33 trophies over the course of the next six years. Raised in a maintenance shed behind the Royal Nepal Golf Course, she is Nepal’s first ranked amateur female golfer. 



The 21-year-old was listed in the 30 Under 30 Asia last year. 


Kanchan Amatya (SFFI)


Kanchan Amatya was listed in 2018’s 30 Under 30 Asia for her work with the Sustainable Fish Farming Initiative (SFFI). The organization works to alleviate hunger and poverty in Nepal by training rural women in sustainable fish farming practices. 



Amatya is also the UN Women’s Global Champion for Women’s Economic Empowerment. 


Rohit Tiwari (Foodmario) 


Rohit Tiwari is the founder of the popular food delivery platform, Foodmario. The digital platform connects restaurants as well as home chefs with customers looking for a hot meal, effectively allowing anyone to earn money from their home kitchens. 



Tiwari was listed by Forbes in the 30 Under 30 Asia last year. 


Sachet Pandit, Nishan Chandi Shrestha, and Subash Shrestha (Eco Cell Industries) 


This trio founded Eco Cell Industries in the aftermath of the devastating 2015 earthquake in Nepal. The idea behind the company was to manufacture cost-effective and eco-friendly building materials that can be of aid in the post-earthquake renovations. 



They built interlocking bricks made of soil, 10% cement, and compressed by machines which completely fit the criteria. Sachet Pandit, Nishan Shrestha, and Subash Shrestha were named in the 30 Under 30 Asia list of 2018. 

Anjal Niraula (Gham Power) 


Anjal Niraula is an expert in off-grid solar energy. He was listed by Forbes in the 30 Under 30 Asia of 2018 for his work with Gham Power, a solar company.



Since its establishment in 2010, Gham Power has installed 2.5 megawatts worth of solar grids in over 2000 projects. According to the official Gham Power website, Niraula oversees the company’s R&D and product strategy. 


Surya Karki (Diyalo Foundation)


Born to a single mother in a rural part of Nepal, Surya Karki gained his early education through a national scholarship. Karki is passionate about educating rural youth, and was especially impacted by the high school drop-out rate. 



He co-established the Diyalo Foundation as a way of mobilizing local youths to solve problems being faced by their community. According to their website, Diyalo Foundation works to connect local organizations with young experts to find technological solutions for such issues as flash floods, among others.  



Karki was recognized by Forbes for his work with Diyalo Foundation in 2017. 


Prabhat Yadav (Explore Gadgets) 


Prabhat Yadav started the very first Nepali tech news company, Explore Gadgets, through a YouTube channel in 2012. He was the very first Youtuber to get a Silver Play Button from YouTube, for reaching 100,000 subscribers. Yadav was listed in the 30 Under 30 Asia of 2017 in the Media, Marketing & Advertising category.



The YouTube channel of Explore Gadgets has increased to over 555,000 at the time of writing. 


Ravi Kumar And Mia Mitchell (Code for Nepal)


Ravi Kumar and his wife Mia Mitchell founded Code for Nepal in 2014 to increase digital literacy and encourage the use of big data in Nepal. Both husband and wife have strong backgrounds as Kumar is a lead digital strategist at the World Bank in Washington, DC, while Mitchell is engaged in foreign assistance at the White House. 



Kumar and Mitchell have also built a website,, to make data about Nepal more accessible to those who need it. They were listed in Forbes’ 30 Under 30 Asia in 2017. 


Aashish Acharya And Sabin Bhandari (Threadpaints)


Aashish Acharya and Sabin Bhandari founded the online apparel store, Threadpaints, in 2012 as one of the earliest entrants in Nepal’s e-commerce sector. The duo introduced original t-shirt prints to the market with free delivery. Threadpaints has since expanded into a wider variety of products and also delivers products from other companies. 



The duo were listed in the 2017 iteration of the Forbes 30 Under 30 Asia. 

Looking at all these enterprising young Nepalis, it seems that Nepal has no shortage of young visionaries to take the country forward. 


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